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We are pleased to be considered as partners with you as you make your preparations for marriage. This brief brochure provides you with the basics of a wedding ceremony at Nashwaaksis United Church.

Who May Be Married?

We understand marriage to be a spiritual covenant between a man and a woman. We require that all couples take part in a recognized ‘marriage preparation course’, or its equivalent. A couple seeking marriage is not expected to be a member of the Church.

What Are the Basic Steps?

Planning your wedding with us will begin when you make your request. Following this request we will send you an information package. This will include a letter of explanation, a personal particulars form, a ‘marriage preparation’ brochure, and a request that you contact a member of our ministry team. The Minister appointed to respond will become your primary contact throughout the process. The date of your marriage will be confirmed at your first meeting with the Minister. Please do not begin making plans for the service before this initial contact with the Minister.

Who Will Lead The Service?

Our Minister will be the primary consultant and officiant for your wedding. There may be other arrangements made but these will be in consultation with, and subject to the approval of, our Minister. We are open to the participation of recognized leaders from other spiritual traditions.

What Are The Legal Requirements?

We offer wedding ceremonies to any man and woman who meet the legal requirements set by the Province of New Brunswick. The primary requirement is a marriage license issued by Service New Brunswick. The license should be brought to the Church office at least two weeks before the day of the marriage. This provides opportunity for the information to be transferred to the necessary documents and records kept by the Church or submitted to the Government.

What Other Persons Are Involved?

Music plays a significant part in a marriage ceremony. We offer the services of our Church musicians for your wedding. Once a date has been confirmed we will provide you with contact information for one of our Church musicians. You will be expected to make contact with this person as soon as possible. This will ensure their availability for the date you have chosen. It will also begin the process of selecting your wedding music. You may choose other musicians to participate in the service. Music selection is subject to approval by the Minister and the Church musician. Only qualified persons may use the Church organ, in consultation with our choir director/organist.

We are also able to provide a basic sound system for the service. This makes it possible to employ recorded music as part of the ceremony, either in place of or together with live music. As with the Church musician, we will appreciate early notification specific to sound system needs.

What Else Needs To Be Considered?

In most cases a photographer is designated to take pictures during the ceremony. We allow one still and one video photographer during the actual wedding ceremony. Guests may take pictures during the procession into and out of the Church. They may not take pictures during the marriage ceremony.

We welcome a reasonable amount of decoration in the church for your wedding. This includes the use of flowers, pew markers, candles and other symbolic articles. Decoration is the responsibility of the couple. This includes removal of the decorations following the ceremony. No decoration may be used that requires alterations to the Church space or its furnishings, including the use of nails or thumbtacks. Also, seasonal decoration by the Church is not to be disturbed if your wedding is held at such times.

Our policy does not permit the use of confetti or flower petals in the Church. We suggest the use of bird seed or bubbles for ‘blessing’ the bride and groom when they leave the Church building.

Where Can A Wedding Be Held?

Your marriage does not have to take place in the Church. We are willing to perform a marriage ceremony in your home, at some other venue, or outdoors. There is no strict rule as to the details of the ceremony. While some aspects are considered necessary, many of the particulars are open to negotiation. We will do all that we are able to make your marriage meaningful and memorable.



These are the fees you will be expected to pay for your wedding service:

Sanctuary* $100.00

Minister $150.00

Musician $100.00

Custodian $75.00

* The sanctuary fee does not apply for supporting members and adherents of the Nashwaaksis United Church. Fees may be paid in cash or by check. They must be paid in full before the marriage date.

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